Thursday, April 17, 2008

A NO Go with kids

Some things you just can't serve children and expect them to eat it. This is one of them: Bacon Spinach Salad.

Spinach salad is one of my salads of choice, but I couldn't persuade my children to eat it, for anything. So, when I make this salad for dinner, the kids get this: Top Ramen with egg and sugar snap peas
My kids love hard boiled egg sliced on the top of their Top Ramen. They aren't so fond of the snap peas, but I have to offer them something green.

In case you'd like to throw together a Spinach Salad like mine, here's what I throw in:
Washed and dried spinach leaves

sliced hard boiled egg

sliced mushrooms
grape tomatoes
thinly sliced purple onion
crumbled bacon
tossed with Catalina dressing


Kristin said...

My kids LOVE cooked spinach. I steam it,in a pan with a little water, just till it's wilted. Then top with soy sauce and lemon. They'll eat a ton of it!

Connie said...

Yum!! I love spinach salad, and Alexa does...and ramen with eggis good too. My cousins wife cooks an egg in her ramen and her kids liked that. If you don't have any hardboiled on hand. Like me. I'm liking the cooking blog Angie!!

Good & Crazy said...

I'm so glad to hear my kids aren't the only ones...

They look at salads and go, "Mom, these are leaves! LEAVES!

Erin said...

My boys (ALL of them) eat hard boiled eggs over the ramen noodles too!

Laura said...

The salad sounds good. Does Jeff enjoy salads as his main dish. That would not work for Alan.

Debra said...

Do you add chicken or something for Jeff? Michael would not be happy with salad for dinner. Unless I have a grilled chicken breast with it. This would be great for his lunch though!

My kids LOVE salad. Since they were eating table food, I have always used Romaine lettuce and Spinach for our "lettuce" so they do not know the difference. All they will eat on it is carrots and ranch dressing though. At least we get 2 colors in there!

My kids have never and will never eat hard boiled eggs.. probably because I hate them myself! LOL